Whos Following Who


For 20 years now, the Munich collective Express Brass Band has been on the road in the international music cosmos with around 20 musicians. The multitude of instrumentalists and styles – from Jazz, Soul, Afrobeat, New Orleans brass and Latin to funky Maghreb tunes – makes the sound of the changing formations difficult to classify and yet distinctive. The fourth album “Who’s Following Who” was released by Trikont in June 2019 and follows this concept of diversity. With 13 new pieces, 11 original compositions and 2 traditionals, the ensemble once again embarks on a musical journey around the world…

Pluto kein Planet


After playing at an international brass band festival in Brazil, the band’s third album is published. It was recorded at a metal workshop in Munich temporarily converted into a recording studio and in the mountains of South Tyrol: „Pluto kein Planet“ (Pluto No Planet). By the way, neither is the Express Brass Band a planet. But at least a musical cosmos including planets, plutoids and other celestial bodies… (Dirk Wagner)

We have Come


„We Have Come“ shows the complexity of a musical and social experiment starting with the founding of the band until 2013. The result is a musical mosaic, a patchwork from different phases of band history: early practice room, concert and studio recordings are presented together with a variety of short interludes.

Some of the tracks from „WE HAVE COME“ can be heard on soundcloud.